The Living Brand Effect.

Ideas that live in culture, getting shared and passed on, are proven to build brand share of voice more efficiently than self-serving messages and product claims that quickly die after first consumer exposure.

In a world where marketing efficiency is paramount, we’re on a mission to help brands go viral and grow faster.

How to be living brand
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Meet the Living Brand Index

A tool designed to help brands understand how they can live in culture and drive growth more efficiently through their earned and owned media channels.

Every six months we conduct research amongst over 140 brands, talking to over 4,500 people. We've created a unique database revealing what is getting shared and why, allowing brands to benchmark their performance against their peers.

How it works

We've identified 14 key traits that predict how likely a brand idea is to go viral. Each brand is measured against these traits and benchmarked against its category and the most shared brands.

All the results are presented in an accessible dashboard allowing for simple analysis, benchmarking and measurement.

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Want to hear more?

Do you understand the dynamics behind why your campaigns are shared and why your peers could be shared more? Are you benefiting from the Living Brand Effect, where awareness and sales are built with less investment?

If you would like your brand to be included in the Living Brand Index or find out more about the ongoing study, please contact David Wiles.

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