25 Apr 2024

How to navigate 2024's real estate communications landscape

City am
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Last week we hosted our first roundtable discussion in our new offices. It was a great debate on the future opportunities and potential pitfalls that are likely to affect the real estate industry over the coming year.

We were lucky enough to hear from the hugely respected Jace Tyrrell, back in the UK as chief executive of Opportunity London, the organisation committed to attracting £100 billion of capital to our fair city in a unique partnership between the City of London, London Councils, The Mayor of London and an ever growing consortium of public and private sector industry partners.

Jace was partnered up with Laura McGuire, retail and leisure reporter at City AM, who was able to provide a counterpoint to Jace on the investor agenda, and what they truly believe about London in comparison to opportunities in the Middle East or Europe.

Partnership, and how to create willing advocates to help advance a commercial agenda, was very much the theme of the discussion, with a lively contribution from attendees reflecting landlords, developers, investors, agents and service providers across the whole spectrum of real estate.

It also proved to be a useful run out for our latest Living Brand Index research which compares and contrasts brands across retail, leisure, real estate and many other sectors to see what sticks in audiences' minds, and which messages engage and which turn audiences off.

The research which we carry out annually with our research partners within the wider VCCP network, draws on views of 3,000 individuals and provides a robust picture of what constitutes successful communications. Unfortunately as we discussed, it reveals the real estate industry are very much the laggards in comparison to other sectors, placing 9th out of 9 in each of the three key categories of Trust, Connection and Recall.

Thankfully with the guidance of Jace and Laura, those present at our event were able to begin plotting a confident path through the political, economic and planning pitfalls that lie ahead in 2024. Again the key theme was partnership, none of us can succeed alone. Successful communications comes down to a brand's ability to build advocacy amongst its audiences. It's not what you say, but what others say on your behalf that really counts, whether you're enlisting Business Improvement Districts or Property Influencers, a mutually beneficial partnership is key.

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