14 Nov 2022

Get your brand to Live

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Brand ideas that live in culture are proven to build share of voice more efficiently than a short-lived stunt or splash.

In a world where marketing efficiency is paramount, we’re on a mission to help brands unlock an earned share of voice advantage to grow faster.

Meet the Living Brand Index

A tool designed to help brands understand how they can live in culture and more efficiently drive growth through their earned media channels.

We conducted research into the defining traits of 70 brands that are highly shared and present in UK culture.

How it works

The Living Brand Index identifies 14 key traits that define the performance and behaviour of successful brands in culture. Good Relations has consolidated these into three “Living Behaviours”:

  1. Memorable - always being distinctive and memorable;

  2. Connected - always relevant at the moments that matter for audiences;

  3. Trusted - always being authentic and reliable.

This research provides a clear guide on how to design earned media campaigns to maximise effectiveness. It also provides analysis into the traits of 70 brands, across a range of categories, identifying what is making the brand Live and crucially where there is opportunity for improvement. Good Relations’ Chief Executive, Richard Moss, said:

 “Our research clearly demonstrates that the most effective ideas or campaigns must be designed around our living behaviours and delivered to audiences through the most influential earned channels.”

Want to hear more?

Get in touch with David Wiles if you would like to find out more about the Living Brand Index and how Good Relations could help you.

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