06 Jun 2022

Delete. Delete. Engage.

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Welcome to Delete, Delete, Engage!

The podcast supercharging engagement at work with the finest knowers, thinkers and doers in the communications world.

I’m Huw Morgan. I lead employee engagement at Good Relations and I’m on a mission to rethink the future of engagement.

Why? The podcast name says it all!

Most comms at work are deleted as soon as they hit the inbox, which is impacting business, culture and the bottom line.

I’m getting together with some of the world’s most innovative and influential comms & engagement thought leaders to stress test, future proof and rethink engagement as we know it.

You will hear me chatting to comms big hitters, business leaders, creatives, techies, influencers, analysts, pulse-checkers and culture champions.

This is the podcast for anyone who wants to up their influence, get on and engage with more impact in the workplace.

So get ready for Delete Delete Engage. Your new favourite engagement podcast.

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