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Good Creating a global business management movement.

Good Relations has supported BSI’s global marketing team for the past five years. Our thought leadership campaigning substantiates its proposition of ‘Making Excellence a habit’.

BSI has built upon its expertise as Britain’s National Standards body to offer business assurance, cybersecurity and EHS consultancy globally. To succeed in selling the full scope of services it needed to move up the business decision making chain from quality managers to the board. 

Generating a three fold increase in editorial value and a ten fold increase in circulation

We helped BSI identify the thought leadership territory of Organizational Resilience, a holistic approach to risk management that unlocked business benefits. Working with the Economist Intelligence Unit and Cranfield University, we discovered that too often business critical decisions were siloed with the CIO or COO, with the full consequences and opportunities ignored.

Since its launch in 2014 we have built BSI’s Organizational Resilience content into a compelling suite of marketing content.

Firstly, we created a sales lead generation tools; developing and launching the Organizational Resilience Benchmark – a simple tool allowing CEOs to see at a glance how adaptable their organizations really were.

Secondly, we crafted an “event in a box” toolkit for the UK and global markets to help shape a range of client facing events.

Thirdly, we reinforced the global media relations work with a series of advertorials and banner ads in key titles such as Harvard Business Review. Forbes, The Economist and The Financial Times.

Fourthly, our social engagement campaigns developed with BSI’s social team explained the theory of Organizational Resilience through a raft of creative assets.

Organizational Resilience has evolved from a thought leadership project to the centre of BSI’s global sales efforts and a key element of its identity.

Central to the global marketing strategy, the topic and the research has helped bring clarity and consistency to global marketing efforts and attract in new clients such as SAP. Over the course of the campaign, BSI’s global media coverage has risen significantly with a three fold increase in editorial value and a tenfold increase in circulation.

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B2B communications

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