5 Reasons Why Every Brand Should be Tok’ing about TikTok




Kerry Sclater

Every Gen Z and their grandad is on TikTok right now… but what does it mean for your brand?

We recently hosted an event with TikTok sharing their insights on how brands can leverage the social platform that everyone is talking about.
Since then, the world has encountered unprecedented challenges presented by the global pandemic. This has led to a huge increase in traffic for social media, but particularly for TikTok with an 18% increase in downloads in 1 week in the US.

Beyond the role TikTok has played in creating social unity and entertainment (see the trending it’s Corona Time sound), it has also stepped up to become a key channel for information guidance, notably due to its work with the World Health Organisation.

In summary, now more than ever it’s vital to consider TikTok not just as an opportunity for brand engagement, but a key influencer in the public sphere – both in terms of entertainment and information, so we’ve compiled our top tips from the event for TikTok newbies.

What is it?

TikTok is a mobile app, whose purpose is to empower everyone to capture and edit creative moments that matter to them. Think 15 seconds bursts of vertical, mobile video – the weirder and catchier the better.

Why is everyone talking about it?

TikTok is undoubtedly the way to capture Gen Z’s attention, and it’s currently a faster evolving phenomenon than many can keep up with. In the UK alone it has 16 billion monthly video views, and users spend 53 minutes per day on average in the app. It’s average session growth in the past year far outstrips rival social channels.

Why is it different to other social platforms?

1) Youth audience – over half of users are 16-24, meaning it’s the platform of choice for Gen Zs.
2) Sound on environment – whereas most other social platforms are viewed on mute, sound is designed to be a crucial part of TikTok. In fact, TikTok now often dictates the music charts through viral spreading of songs.
3) Everyone can be a creator – in-app effects and editing functions means anyone can easily make creative content, and they do: over 80% of TikTok users have created a video.
4) They’re talking about you, not to you – whereas most other marketing channels are pretty one directional from brand – audience, TikTok is almost exclusively for the audience to talk about your brand to each other. So if you nail the strategy, they’ll do your job for you!

How can brands get involved?

TikTok’s main brand benefits are Awareness and Engagement, so consider whether they align with your objectives. There are a variety of options for brand involvement, broadly split into organic options (creating a branded profile and in-feed content); or media bought options (working with creators; launching a hashtag challenge; brand takeover).

5 Key Takeaways

1) Ask yourself is TikTok right for your brand’s audience, and whether you’re prepared to deliver a sustainable and impactful content programme.
Stuck with this? Ask for our help! We’re currently working on TikTok strategies for clients in a range of sectors

2) Forget everything you know about brand marketing
TikTok is not the place for slick, ‘look at us’ style ads. Prepare to ditch the brand guidelines glossy product shots for mobile shot footage that feature real creators in real environments

3) Let the creators do the talking
The success of TikTok is built on the creators, so hand over the reins to them. Content will feel much more authentic if you take a collaborative attitude

4) Root everything in a strong call to action.
Be clear how you’re asking your audience to interact to get them on board – is it a simple and fun challenge to get involved in? What is there reason for staying until the end?

5) Bridge your content with real world experiences of your brand.
Content needs to resonate with how your audience interacts with your brand in real life. If you ask them to do something completely new it probably won’t take off… Can you gamify an existing behaviour? Look at Chipotle’s Lid Flip challenge for inspiration.

6) Bonus takeaway – drop us a note if you’d like to speak to us more about getting hot on TikTok.

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