Royal Albert Hall


Consumer PR

Shifting perceptions of an iconic British venue.

Our work with the Royal Albert Hall focuses on positioning them as a ‘Hall for All’. A Hall for music lovers, a Hall for movie fans and certainly a Hall for Trekkies. 

That’s why when we were asked to help sell out the Hall for the Star Trek and Star Trek Beyond screenings as part of their Films in Concert series we made sure we spoke to Trekkies in their language. Klingon. 

Selling out 5,000 seats in 24 hours

We hired the world’s more eminent Klingon language expert to train all staff in the foreign tongue then gave free tickets to anyone who called and booked their tickets in Klingon. Not only did our blanket coverage help us reach virtually every Star Trek fan in the country but it also meant that all 5,000 seats were sold out!


This was a 

Consumer PR

Project for the Royal Albert Hall

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