Sex, tears, smiles and adoration. Whatever happened to cold hard facts, getting us all hot and bothered?




Richard Moss

How often have we been seduced by sexy people in ads, cool packaging and engaging Facebook posts that we just had to share. It’s a daily occurrence.

Brands have become the masters in the art of pushing our emotional buttons. Who can blame them, for many it’s all they’ve got left to talk about.

As products and services have become more and more generic the days of the unique selling proposition have become increasingly rare.

Whilst emotional triggers have proved their worth time and time again in persuading us to like brands the role of rational communication shouldn’t be forgotten. What kind of brand communication really gets us to love a brand? The truth is we just don’t know exactly but we do know that it’s multilayered. We are complex, so are our brains and what gets us to like, follow and buy a brand is equally complex.

Studies have suggested that we are more persuaded by rational arguments when it comes to things we really need, like medicines or a lawyer. And for things that we simply want, like a new pair of shoes or a beer it’s emotional messaging that gets us to lower our guard.

This is just a little reminder; that appealing to the head can be just as effective as the appealing to the heart. Compelling facts haven’t gone completely out of fashion and prove that inside each and every one of us there’s a little accountant waiting to be impressed.

The truth is the brands we really love do both. They appeal to us through reason and emotion. They try and hit us at every level. There are many ways to open people’s hearts and they are as varied and complex as we are. The trick is working out which and when to press the right buttons and getting the order right too.

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