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The Challenge

Holidays can be a powerful catalyst for change. They allow people to see beyond their horizons and experience the fullness of our planet. But in a category overloaded with product guarantees and cliched premium cues, Celebrity Cruises asked us to define a higher purpose for their social channels that attracted new audiences who sought experiences that truly fed their love of travel.

The Solution

We wanted to ensure that each and every touch point offered a crafted ‘new luxury’ experience - and built out a year long editorial plan shaped by our audiences needs, interests and social behaviours.

Recognising the increased importance of vertical video - we set about capturing the wonder of all the enriching destinations, unparalleled culinary adventures and wellness of mind, body and soul that only Celebrity Cruises offer.

Developing a series of social first content programs, we used formats such as stickers, polls, Q&As and 360 degree imagery to help drive growth and advocacy - giving new audiences a true taste of a journey wonderFULL.


The Impact

5% average engagement rate, making it the cruise category’s top performing global brand across 2022
85% social growth across 2022, helping recruit new to cruise audiences into the brand.
70% increase in bookings via social YoY

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