The Gratest Cheese Pull

Giant bowl of Nachos Doritos has set a new record for the worlds highest ever cheese pull at Cheddar Gorge at 49 feet high
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The Challenge

Doritos challenged us to help them demonstrate just how much thicker and crunchier Doritos Dippers are. We needed to show that the days of soggy nachos, straining under the weight of delicious toppings are over and we needed to bring the brand’s proposition of ‘Next Level Nachos’ to life.

We were also tasked to bring the energy and ambition of the amazing Hollywood-style ATL campaign (created by our colleagues at VCCP) to life in the most epic way imaginable.

The Solution

Challenge accepted. To engage our Gen-Z audience there was only one place to turn for inspiration - TikTok. We scoured the platform for insights to understand how our audience enjoy their nachos and found that the phenomena of ‘cheese pulls’ had been shared over 1.5 billion times! So, to prove that Doritos Dippers deliver Next Level Nachos, we set out to create the most epic cheese pull ever created. And we knew exactly where we should do it - Cheddar Gorge, the home of cheese.

After several months of production and testing in our R&D lab with our cheese scientist, we finally perfected the ideal cheese mix to create the world’s highest ever cheese pull.

We enlisted the help of influencer, Sam Thompson, and an expert former Royal Navy helicopter pilot to put our ambitious plan into action. After an intense battle with the elements, a world record of 49 feet was set as the helicopter dipped a giant Dorito into an enormous plate of nachos and skillfully pulled it to new heights. Much like a deliciously messy plate of nachos, the story and content went everywhere. From globally well-known titles such as The New York Post, The Sun, The Australian, The Toronto Sun, The Straits Times, to huge social accounts such as LADbible and Pubity. It was broadcast news outlets however that really went wild for it, with over 130 TV news spots globally running the story including, CNN, CBS, Sky News, ITV News, Fox News and ABC.

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The Impact

Global reach of over 1.5bn
No.1 share of voice
250+ pieces of global coverage
130+ pieces of broadcast coverage

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