Christmas Tree-V

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The Challenge

As the largest producer of low carbon energy in the UK, EDF are committed to helping Britain achieve net zero. One way they are helping is by providing a range of electric vehicles (EVs) to lease as well as EV tariffs. We were tasked with increasing their share of voice in the EV market.

The Solution

There are so many complicated conversations about making the switch to an EV, we knew that to stand out we needed to simplify the message and demonstrate how EDF is helping the nation to achieve net zero through innovative solutions.

It’s hard to understand the impact you’re making on the environment when you can’t see it so we created the world’s first Christmas Tree-V to visually demonstrate the environmental impact petrol and diesel cars have on a busy city centre. The tree featured colour-changing lights, powered by an EV, that reflected the changing pollution levels in Glasgow city centre.

Installed just a few weeks after COP26, the tree displayed green lights when pollution levels were at an acceptable level and red lights when the levels increased due to road traffic.

Pin Pep EDF Pollution Detecting Xmas Tree 005

The Impact

No.1 share of voice
7M total reach
91% key message penetration
Highest ever employee engagement with PR led story
34k social reach
100% positive sentiment

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