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The Challenge

How do we launch Krispy Kreme’s range of 195 calories doughnuts in January and simultaneously launch their new creative platform #JoyUnboxed.

The Solution

January. Long, dark, skint and thoroughly joyless. We set out to provide some light relief to miserable Brits.

Introducing the world’s first SADvert, an interactive billboard dispensing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light therapy through giant 3D doughnuts.

Situated in Salford, which averages less than two hours of sunlight per day in January, the billboard was designed to unleash joy to passers-by in January when sunlight levels are their lowest and those suffering from SAD would be struggling the most. Passers-by could ‘Scan for Joy’ to redeem a free 195 calorie doughnut as a ‘pick me up’ from Manchester Krispy Kreme shops.

Working with international SAD light expert, Dr Shelley James (aka the ‘Light Lady’) we created national news headlines with data proving how many Brits’ moods are affected by lower levels of daylight in the winter months and advice on how to boost your mood. We landed national coverage in The Sun, Buzzfeed, the Mirror, Express, Star, Joe and many more.

Next we teamed up with ‘joy boy’ influencer Tom Trotter who ran through Manchester in his signature style, giving out hundreds of the lighter January doughnuts to spread joy to unsuspecting passers-by.

Krispy Kreme SA Dvert 7

The Impact

pieces of coverage
hours more ambient daylight delivered to Salford
mins Daily interaction time
Leading share of voice in January
1000+ QR code redemptions
755K views of our influencer content

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