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The Challenge

Our brief from LinkedIn was to build engagement on the platform by demonstrating that the conversations that matter took place on LinkedIn. International Women’s Day creates some of the biggest conversations in the business world and our challenge was to ensure that most of those conversations took place on LinkedIn.

The Solution

To mark International Women’s Day this year, we launched LinkedIn’s first IWD campaign - #WeCanDoIt. The campaign aimed to mobilise LinkedIn’s powerful global community to support and empower women most impacted by Covid-19, and encourage its members to have honest conversations about the pressure working women were being put under.

The Covid-19 pandemic had disproportionately affected working women, with female professionals shouldering more childcare and domestic responsibilities. So we partnered with educational charity The Female Lead and commissioned an international survey of over 20,000 working professionals to explore entitlement in the workplace. The research identified ‘The Entitlement Gap’ - how social conditioning had left women feeling less deserving than men. This, together with a powerful film #WeCanDoIt and LinkedIn data demonstrating the greater vulnerability of women’s jobs, formed the news story for the campaign.

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The Impact

Over 5.1M pieces of content produced on LinkedIn
62% uplift in content produced on LinkedIn YOY
3rd highest performing hashtag on LinkedIn
80% coverage in Gold Tier media titles

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