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The Challenge

Artificial intelligence is all around us, and is used extensively across a range of applications from chatbots and smart speakers to predicting the weather and financial forecasting. Oracle came to us with a major body of research on how AI is used in the workplace, and how it could be applied in the future. Over the course of multiple campaigns they asked us to help them secure top tier coverage in multiple markets around the world, most notably the UK and the United States, so they could position themselves as a thought leader in a highly competitive sector.

The Solution

Oracle’s research into artificial intelligence in the workplace was extensive and detailed, so we worked with them to identify the best possible angles that we knew would be attractive to broadcast journalists. They wanted the research to provoke discussions in multiple countries across the world, so we used our extensive media contacts in the UK, US and other markets to ensure the story gained the best possible coverage. We arranged and managed a series of TV and radio interviews for senior Oracle spokespeople at a time when working remotely was the norm. As part of that process we ensured the spokespeople knew what to expect from each interview, so they were fully prepared for any unexpected questions, a crucial part of the process for such a prominent brand at a time when the world was going through seismic change because of the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine.

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The Impact

pieces of global broadcast coverage
142M global audience reached
12,000 surveyed globally

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