There But Not There

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The Challenge

We were challenged to launch Remembered, a new charity formed to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1. Our brief was to create a lasting legacy and support military charities and veterans today.

The Solution

Our ‘Remembered Not Forgotten’ strategy was designed to get the nation to revive the fading memories of its fallen soldiers and support those who continue to risk their lives today.

Our award-winning creative included the development and placement of ghostly life-sized silhouettes of ‘Tommies’ across the country. All locations were chosen because their stories of sacrifice needed to be told. From the White Cliffs of Dover, to Football Clubs and Village Greens, the Tommies started appearing around the UK. Table top versions were made available to buy for members of the public.

Interest from the media built until, on Armistice Day, most national front pages used images of our Tommies and the stories they had revived. Many of our Tommies have now been given permanent ‘stations’. Others are brought out annually by villagers and associations each Armistice Day. To date, the PR campaign has raised over £5 million for military charities. This includes a £1m VAT rebate from the Chancellor, following a petition we started that gained over 120,000 signatories.


The Impact

£1M+ raised for armed forces and mental health charities
people had helped raise money for the charity in the first 24 hours of the campaign

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