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The Challenge

When bed bug infestations began to spike in France over summer 2023, it was only a matter of time before concerns hit the takings of UK leisure and hospitality providers. As the UK’s leading experts in pest control, Rentokil Pest Control was the first responder for consumers, businesses and media - positioning itself as an expert in keeping bed bugs away from customers.

The Solution

As the first news of a bed bug outbreak in Paris hit, we knew we had an opportunity to control the narrative. We swiftly analysed Rentokil Pest Control data to uncover how widespread bed bugs were in UK; finding that enquiries had spiked by 65% year-on-year.

We pitched this to media alongside expert commentary on how consumers and businesses could protect their homes and premises from infestations. This early jump on the news agenda ensured Rentokil was referenced in nearly all subsequent reporting on the bed bug ‘epidemic’.

As the story continued to gain traction, we also identified an opportunity to directly target hospitality businesses, a key customer base for Rentokil and the sector most at risk of seeing profits hit by the panic. We engaged trade and national media with Rentokil’s unique ‘Dog Detect’ service, alongside images of the dogs in action and compelling statistics on the financial and reputational savings it presents to businesses in discretely handling bed bug infestations.

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The Impact

122% rise in bed bug enquiries to Rentokil in the 6 months post-activity
500+ pieces of media coverage
50+ broadcast media hits

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