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The Challenge

We are on a mission to make Starling Bank a household name, and to do that we knew the bank had to stand for something. With a long-standing history of driving positive change in the banking sector, we decided to make Starling the champions of fairness and equality when it comes to money.

And we started with a topic close to many of our hearts….our romantic relationships.

The Solution

Not all work ends up boosting our bank balance, and whether it’s childcare, looking after elderly relatives or domestic chores, the majority of this unpaid labour often ends up being done by women.

So , we launched our Share the Load campaign, creating a world-first tool allowing couples to track their unpaid labour and have open and honest conversations about fairness in their relationship.

Partnering with relationship expert Hayley Quinn, and Strictly star Oti Mabuse, we held an exclusive event for media which was attended by journalists at PA, Good Housekeeping, Hello and Women’s Health. During the event Hayley and Oti led a discussion about how they share the load in their homes, sharing tips and tricks to broach difficult conversations about readdressing the balance to make workloads fairer.

As a result we sparked a nationwide conversation about household equality.

Good Morning Britain created an online poll on X, asking people about Starling’s Share the Load tool, which was followed by a lively discussion with Gogglebox favourite’s Mica and Marcus about chores in their house. We led the airwaves, placing interviews with Hayley with stations such as Times Radio and BBC 5 LIve, sharing her advice and encouraging couples to use the tool.

There was just a little bit of excitement with print and online media too. Our news and feature sell in resulted in a clean sweep of national coverage with the like of The I, The Times, Mail Online, The Sun and the Daily Star, as well as an abundance of regional coverage and lifestyle features too.

As the Mail Online said, ‘Everyone’s talking about the new Share the Load tool’.

We built partnerships with a number of influencers, from all walks of life, who were challenged to use the Share the Load tool for themselves. Each influencer is creating funny and emotive content in the run up to Christmas to encourage their followers to try it out too.

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The Impact

12k+ people using the tool
100+ pieces of coverage
4.5bn Potential opportunities to see
5.6% average influencer ER
people clicking through to open a Starling Bank account

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