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The Challenge

Tourism Western Australia approached us because they wanted to highlight the incredible work of a unique project that has been years in the making. It involved raising awareness around a world-first conservation project which saw 10 near-extinct species that once thrived in Western Australia nearly 400 years ago, when the country was discovered by Dutch explorers, being released back into the wild. The key challenge though was broadcasting live to the UK from the remote island in Australia where project is happening, and picking the right spokesperson.

The Solution

Choosing the right person to front this campaign was crucial, they had to work because we would be taking them all way to Australia for a series of live radio and TV interviews. We decided that renowned wildlife expert Ray Mears was right choice, and we travelled with him to the pristine shores of Dirk Hartog Island, where scientists had released the near-extinct animals. We sourced and managed live broadcast links from the island via a satellite truck, and used our extensive media contacts in the UK to arrange a day, and night, of back-to-back interviews with Ray. One of the challenges was also promoting Western Australia as a tourist destination, so worked with Ray to ensure the key messages were delivered when he was on the air.

Ray Shark Bay BBC News
Ray TWA Sky

The Impact

items of national TV coverage
238M+ global audience reached
Over 12hrs of broadcasting from Australia back to the UK
77% increase in KPIs for national TV coverage
73% increase in media value KPIs
Total ROI of 51:1

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