Change for Better

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The Challenge

We have been protecting and growing the corporate reputation of the UK’s number one breakfast brand for nearly 10 years, steering the CEO and leadership team through two changes of ownership, a national reset of nutritional strategy, plenty of operational challenges and the brand’s first encounter with industrial action.

The Solution

Through our deep understanding of the business, strong stakeholder relationships and a considered strategy, we work to articulate and evidence the Weetabix “Change for Better” strategy across public, policy and internal channels.

Our team efficiently manages their corporate newsroom, creating and telling positive stories across a wide range of business topics, from performance and investment to sustainability and community support. We provide insightful counsel and practical support in managing crises or issues that has ensured Weetabix maintains high levels of trust amongst customers, stakeholders and policymakers, enabling the business to grow and maintain its market leading position.

We are also proud to have helped Weetabix develop the communications strategy to support its sustainability programme, including creating the company’s 2021 and 2022 sustainability reports, bringing to life its journey towards net zero and support for British farming.

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The Impact

Recognised as one of UK consumers’ most trusted food brands on nutrition and sustainability
Endorsed by UK’s most senior politicians as a great British brand and leading force in food manufacturing
Consistently chosen by major retailers as a partner to help maximise growth and profitability in the breakfast category
Maintained clear messaging and balanced coverage helping the company through sustained industrial action
Generate consistent positive corporate coverage in local, trade and national media - more than 25 positive articles secured in 2022
Increased awareness and understanding of sustainability leadership through the production of engaging reports

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